How to Handle Those Not so “Super” Days

by David

Everyone has their bad days. Even Superman can be caught pounding drinks with a 5′ o clock shadow.

The problem is not about the bad days. We ALL have bad days. The problem is that we constantly feel this urge to be super heroes and make everything perfect. Superman never fell behind on his bills and Superwoman doesn’t wear spanks. Our Superheroes NEVER do wrong. Or do they?

I put together a little guide to help soothe your bad days and show you who’s really super.

1. You Can’t Drink Away the Pain

“Drink” can be a metaphor for anything that distracts or takes your mind off the problem. Alcohol, partying, Facebook, on-line chat rooms, and even sports can be metaphorical “drinks” (as long as it gives you pleasure and takes away the pain). It is cool to let loose after a hard day at work. It is fine to have some drinks, fun, and party with your friends after a long week.

But, NEVER  go to a bar and make love to a whole bottle of Johnnie Walker Red. This can’t be life!  Superman could have flown into space and finished the bottle in private. I do understand that misery loves company because misery is lonely (hence the source of Superman’s real pain). But, pain is a constant. How we deal with the pain is what makes us “super.”

The truth is that we all go through pain, but we all have to remember not to drink with our “capes” on. Young people look up to us. Troubles come and go, but super people keep their cool by dealing with problems head on.

2. It’s not all about Being “Fly”

People have such a fascination with flight that we’ve adopted the word “fly” to mean something cool. We hear people say things like, “That car is fly.” They also might say, “That movie was fly.” Nobody understands the definition of “fly” more than Superman. Nothing is cooler than taking your girl, Lois Lane, on a flight during your first date. I’m not talking about planes (like Jay-Z’s private jet or Far East Movement’s G-6). Superman actually takes off and flies on his own. Nothing is cooler or more “fly” than that.

However, the problem is that we are too concerned with looking fly rather than actually being cool. I understand that we judge people based on their speech and dress. BUT- we should all understand that being fly gets you fans, but being sensible gets you success. Don’t spend $200 on Air Jordans if you can’t pay your rent. Don’t vacation in another country if you don’t have a job in your native country. We all want to be “fly”, but being responsible is more important. Besides, you’ll found out that nothing is more “fly” than earning things through hard work.


3. A “Hero” Ain’t Nothing But a Sandwich (The REAL Superman or Superwoman in You)

Here’s a common scenario that sheds light on your inner Super Hero:

You’re riding around in a car and you’re lost! Guys hate to ask for directions and women LOVE to give them (at least that is the stereotype). Luckily, current phones give accurate destinations instead of allowing couples to fight, chest thump, and argue about how to find aunt Sally’s house or Ray-Ray’s crib.

But have you thought about why we need technology to save us from looking so weak? Are we so infatuated with power that we’ll risk looking dumb while trying to be “super?”

4.  Superman is Not Really Super. What about you?

Superman seems super because he comes from a planet where people can fly, look through walls, and leap tall buildings in a single bound. Superman looks super because he’s on EARTH.

So, the question remains, “Do you look super on earth?”  The most super people maintain their unique identity and fully accept their responsibilities. The single Mom that works hard to take care of her kids is super. The studious college student who gets three hours of sleep a night while surviving on ramen noodles is super. The accepting boyfriend or girlfriend who doesn’t judge you is super. These are all super people!

5. You Are Already Super

At the end of the day- being super is not always about power and influence. Being super is about being yourself and not following anybody else. You are already super…just super in a human way.

Besides…the only hero that you need is you!

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