In October 2008, the six of us came together with the purpose of figuring out why we didn’t yet have the lives of our dreams.  Each of us was years removed from our days as Emory University undergrads – days when we were full of promise and potential.  Years after college graduation, however, “promise and potential” ceases to be enough.  Each of us had experienced varying levels of post-college success, but also noticed that something else was missing.  We are probably like most people reading this sentence now: by any objective measure, we were doing just fine with our lives, but we each sensed that there was something more than “just fine” within our reach. By coming together and forming our Mastermind Group, we hoped to figure out how to make that leap from Good to Great.

We promised to hold each other accountable.  We committed tell each other what we needed to hear and listening to what others had to say, no matter how painful it might be.  We set goals and established accountability systems.  We shared theories and philosophies with one another – not to be blindly followed, but to be tested, challenged, accepted, rejected, reiterated and modified to push us towards the results we really wanted out of life.  And we watched each other’s lives take shape in ways much larger and much faster than we ever imagined possible.

Two years in, we started this blog. None of us claim to have it all figured out, but what we’ve discovered is definitely good enough to share.  What we didn’t realize is that our readers would become an extension of our Mastermind Group.  By airing the lessons we’ve learned in public, we invited you to continue the conversations we started in our bi-weekly meetings.  Our private talks have now been shared with thousands.  We hope that you find something here that challenges you, that makes you think, and that pushes you to take action in your own life.  And in return, we ask that you share your lessons with us so that we can continue to improve the principles that help us get the most out of our limited time on this spinning rock.